Be On Television

It wasn’t the way I had hoped. It wasn’t how I could have ever dreamed the occasion.

My husband was deployed to Afghanistan and I was 14 weeks pregnant with our first son. I had high blood pressure and they decided to induce me around 38 weeks. When he came, he didn’t breathe for 3 minutes. He was limp and grey. They delicately gave him his first breath. He had a subgaleal hematoma. He had an unknown life expectancy and my husband was flown home after I sent a Red Cross message. The message was sent there in amazing time. I called about 3am and he called me around 8am and said he was on the next flight out.  That is when the volcano erupted in Iceland in 2010 and all air traffic came to a halt. He was stuck overseas for days. He finally made it back home 5 days after he was born. In the YouTube video below, our son is Michael (we start talking when it says “First Breath”) and they talk about how they saved his life. I am forever grateful to those who brought him back and who held their breath along with us while we waited for his. I couldn’t imagine being at any other hospital than Scott and White, Temple, Texas. The NICU team was wonderful and they even put up a red white and blue sign with his name. When my husband was coming home, they put up patriotic stars saying “Welcome Home Dad!”. Everyone in that hospital knew a Marine was coming home that day and they all welcomed him home. Given the circumstances, I wouldn’t do it again to be on television. I am glad we were though so we could tell our story and praise.

{Pilgrim On The Run}


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