Anal Parents

{This is mainly for toddlers and pre-k ages}Buying new clothes for kids is great, whether they are new or just new to them! This is especially true if they have pictures, go to church, are starting school, etc. However, I can not stress how much it I do not care that my child gets their shirt dirty. To me, they are just clothes. They are meant to cover our bodies, that’s it. It’s a child, he will get it wet, he will get it muddy, he will wipe Cheetos dust on them, he will poop through them, it all happens at one point or another. Yet, so many parents go as far as spanking their kids because they get their clothes dirty. Why? Why punish your child for being a child? They will out grow them anyway! If you are so worried about them getting their shirt dirty, then why buy them name brand clothes that cost a fortune? They will out grow them anyway. I know, to each their own. I just really don’t see the point. Say, you are going to church. Yes, I would like him to look nice for church. Afterwards, if he wants to go play in the dirt-go for it!

One more thing is shoes! I have heard so many times, “don’t get your shoes dirty!” Umm…what? You do realize they will go on dirt, asphalt, gum, urine in the bathrooms, mud, dust, scuffs from tripping, and so forth? I understand a nice pair for church or something special, set those aside for those occasions. If they can’t get them “regular” dirty, then only wear them for those occasions. However, again, you can’t send them to school in their “good” shoes and tell them not to get them dirty! They will go to recess. The point of shoes is to keep your feet protected and clean, therefore they will collect the dirt instead of your feet. That is like saying, don’t sweat in your socks! I can’t help it!

Parents take their kids to the park and spank their kids for getting dirty. “I said don’t play in the dirt!!” You just took them to the park, idiot. If you were coming to the park, why are they wearing their good clothes you are worried about? Why are they wearing their shoes they can’t get dirty? If you have somewhere to be, why would you take them to the park first?

Point is, I just wish parents would let kids be kids. Again, I am mainly talking about the toddlers and pre-k age. Shoes are shoes. They cover your feet. They will out grow them until probably 8th grade (that’s usually when people’s feet can stop growing-give or take, but not always). Clothes are clothes. They cover and protect our bodies. They will out grow them. Just let you kids get food on their chins, Cheetos on their shirt, grass on their jeans, dust on their shoes, mud in their ears, and then clean them off.

All of these items, clothes and shoes, can all be replaced. Dirt can always be washed off, even the Cheetos. You can never replace their childhood, though. You can’t wash away the memories they will have of you being anal. Don’t let them be afraid to have fun, to be a child, and to make mistakes. Teach them what is really important in life. Teach them that these are just materialistic items and the people in the clothes are what really matter. Nothing is so important that it should ruin your day. He got a huge paint stain on his shirt? Who cares! You shouldn’t have bought a $25 shirt for a 2 year old! Throw it away! Save it for projects!

Things are just things. Things…are just things.

{Pilgrim On The Run}


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