Saturday Road Trip

So, we had to attend a Marine Corps. muster in San Marcos yesterday. It seemed like such a long drive. I forgot what a road trip felt like and it was only an hour and 40 minutes. Then, we got there super early! We didn’t have to be there until 1230 and we got there at 10:40! So much time to waste! We tried looking for the outlet mall, but it’s like it didn’t exist! We ended up circling under the 2 under passes 2 or 3 times. There was a Chick-fil-A the second time around so we stopped, stretched our legs, and sat outside at a table covered by an umbrella while he enjoyed an ice cream. Finally, we decided to head back to the conference center for a 3 hour muster. It was fun. Maybe not for those who aren’t used to the military idea. However, I really miss it. The lifestyle, the family, the friends, the meetings, the balls…it was like a whole other world. The ride back home seemed even longer and we got there even quicker! There was so much traffic, but actually not too bad. We could have been stopped bumper to bumper but for the most part, minus red lights, we were slowly moving. There are always those few idiots along the way that cross the median or cut straight into traffic as the black car in the picture above.

The main message of the whole muster was, don’t be afraid to ask for help (psychologically, financially, emotionally, etc.). One Marine spoke to us personally about his encounter with needing help. His wife told him he really needed help and he disagreed, but went anyway. Even though we are us, we think we know who we are, only others can see our changes (usually). So, if someone says you need help, they see a change in you that they feel needs to be assessed professionally, unbiased, by a stranger. His wife was threatening to leave him if he did not seek help. He sought help and while talking, he ended up solving his own problems but it took an outsider to pull it out for him to see it himself.  He and his wife are doing well now and she didn’t leave him.

{Pilgrim On The Run}


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