What is Happiness?

photo_2 bathHappiness is getting overly excited about chasing bubbles, even when you’re 30. Happiness is an overcast day, with a cool breeze, and then that one warm ray of sunshine hits your back giving you a sensation that warms you inside out. It’s like dipping your toes into warm water after a long day. Happiness is giving a smile and getting one back. It’s the dancing flame on a candle that smells like your grandma’s gingerbread cookies. It’s the chill you get when 100’s of United States Marines say, “Oorah” all at once. Happiness is a baby’s first laugh, the first time they roll over, the first time they coo, the first time they look at you and they finally have that look like they recognize you. Happiness is hearing your child’s first cry because that means that everything’s okay. It’s the feeling in the air during the holidays that just makes you cheery for no reason. It’s driving by Christmas lights and you feel your inner child dancing. It’s finding a penny on the ground because it’s not a fortune but you are one penny richer. It’s the feeling you get when your husband tells someone else how amazing you are. It’s the morning dew at sunrise on freshly cut blades of grass. Happiness is knowing someone misses you. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t miss you. Happiness is a 2 week old letter in the mail, post marked over seas. Happiness is what you make it and what you make something mean to you.

For some, happiness might mean happiness. I don’t think it’s true happiness, though. Everything we want cost money, yes, but why are we wanting for anything? I am guilty of this myself. There are things that money can’t buy, like companionship, friendship, children, and memories. Money will come and go, but these things will not. Not unless you let them go. They can not be borrowed, stolen, or torn. True happiness does not make you smile, but it’s a sense of being lifted up in spirit, a light in your eyes, a pep in your step. As I said, wanting for something is just a way of saying, I am wasting my time. I am waiting for something better to come along. It’s like wishing for your children to be older, so you don’t have to make bottles and change diapers. Sure, it gets old after awhile but if all you do is look forward to the future, you are over looking the present. Imagine you are on a hill and you are staring at the mountain in the distance waiting to get there! You wish it was next weekend so you could already be there for vacation! Once you are there, you realize you forgot to look down in the valley between the hill and the mountain. You over looked it because you were too busy wanting, wasting time to hurry time.



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