Sick as A Dog

sickasadogYou know, I never understood that expression. What does being sick and dogs have to do with each other? Any who, I am sick, and I blame my child. No, just kidding I actually I blame myself. I, without realizing it, ate after him, kissed him, slept on the same pillow, etc. In other words, I was basically trying to catch this sickness. My skin is crawling and aches. My nose is constantly tickling and I have to sneeze. Oh man, sneezing. Every time I have to sneeze it hurts my chest. My chest feels heavy like someone is sitting on it. Just speaking regularly, I have to take a pause in between one sentence. It takes so much energy. The worst part about being sick is not being able to taste anything. I love peanut butter and cracker and I can’t taste them or smell them. So sad. So, I sit here eating a ham and cheese hot pocket and watching Hocus Pocus. Yes, Hocus Pocus. I still have it on the DVR recorded from last Halloween! I love this movie. It’s like a tradition for me every year along with all of the Halloween Towns. I never got to watch it though, so here I am. I am snacking on tasteless food watching out seasoned movies, sick as a dog.



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