“Call 911…”

“911…Where is your emergency?”

“Umm, uh, Forest Trail in Temple…We’re being followed. They’re trying to run us off the road.”

“Okay, where are you now?”

“We…we just turned onto Azalea.”

“You’re on Azalea now?”

“No, we’re on…*where are we?*…I don’t know where we are now. Around Azalea…”


“They…they are trying to run us off the road…they just passed us…they stopped…they are getting out of the car! He just got out of the car!”

“What kind of car is it?”

“It’s an Altima…license plate 15N***.”

“Okay. Where are you now?”

“I don’t know. We are backing down the street and turning around now.”

“So they are going the other way now?”

“Yes, they are still driving away and we turned around.”

“Where would you like an officer to meet you?”

“My house…my brother’s house. The address is 1715 ****** Drive.”

“Okay. What is your name?”

“Candace H*****”

“What is the number you are calling from?”


“Okay, an officer will meet you. Call us back if you need us.”

“Okay, thank you!”

“Buh bye.”

“Okay, bye.”

Just cruising down the main street in town, going to drop our sister off. A car is in our lane and also in half in the turning lane, going less than 10mph. The speed limit is 40. My brother gives them a honk. The passenger sticks his finger out the window. Yeah, that finger. They quickly whip right behind, deciding not to take their original turn. We turn down our original road, we thought they couldn’t possibly be following us. “Oh shit, they are. They really are following us!”… “HOLD ON!!” We go to the end of the street, it’s a stop sign. My brother quickly glances and runs the stop sign. Soon as we round the corner, they go on the outside of us (the on coming lane). This is a neighborhood by the way. They are rounding the corner with us, just inches away from the car. My brother speeds us and snakes to the left down another street. *My son is in the back seat saying…’Weeeeeee’.* This is when we realize they are serious…” I should call the police”….”Do it, call 911…” They are riding our bumper and trying to yell things out their window. We weave, wind, and speed, down numerous roads in the neighborhood for 3  minutes trying to lose them. Finally on a long stretch of road, they zoom passed us and slam on the brakes. It brings us to a stop because they blocked us. We stopped for a moment. We see the passenger door open. “Oh hell no…” my brother says. He put that car in reverse and we went reverse as fast as he could down that whole street and swung around. They continued in the opposite direction. We happen to get behind the officer that was going to the house. We met him there and, of course, he said there was nothing he could do because he didn’t witness anything. This happened just yesterday and we can’t stop thinking about it. We keep thinking of other things we could have done, but all that matters is all is well. Those people were crazy.

Pilgrim On The Run


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