Changing My Camino Plans

Well, I was originally to start in Saint Jean. Then, I thought I would really like to walk a little more in France than that. So, I will be movie my starting point to somewhere along the middle of the Le Puy route. Just unsure of the exact town. I’ll look at train schedules and which cities have train stations and whatnot when the time comes closer. The Le Puy route connects to the Camino Frances.

Only 9 months to go…but that seems so far away! I would love to get on a plane now! However, my fitness level, bank account, and preparations say I need that 9 months. ha.

I also forgot to mention that I will be visiting a friend who lives in Europe, Anna. She lives in Germany and was an exchange student my senior year. I will take a train out to see her, or we will meet up in Paris perhaps. It will just depends on who can do what at the time. Either way, very excited! (:



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