The Bucket List: #222 Completed

Take My Son to an Airshow!

We had so much fun yesterday. The only part I hated was not taking a blanket or something warm. All he had on was jeans, a sweater, long sleeve shirt and a beanie (and tennis shoes). If I was cold, I know he had to be. I also wish I had taken some snacks for him. He got hungry about an hour and a half before it was over. Besides that, the show was awesome. I think he thought the best part was actually being able to touch the planes and take pictures with them. Once they were up in there air, he wasn’t too interested. He would rather have just touched them all. He skipped, hopped, and jumped around the run way because he was so excited to see airplanes. The fireworks were fantastic as well as the pyrotechnics on the last airplane which flew to beautiful music. There is a clip of it at the end of the slideshow. It was so, so windy yesterday. When we got there the temperature was around 68-ish. By around 8 PM or so it was at least 40. I couldn’t feel my toes by the time the show was over; glad I bought Michael tennis shoes before the show. Once I woke up this morning, I felt like I got beat up. My feet hurt and I’m pretty sure my face is wind burned, could be a small sunburn. My make up has SPF in it so only my hair line, tip of my nose, and lips (which are super dry now) are red. I wish we were able to go to the show today and tomorrow, those are day shows. Any who, here is a video of our wonderful chilly day! Sorry, the slides are a little longer than I wanted but for the life of me I could not make them shorter.


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