I Love Hospitals

Okay, set aside the fact of why anyone is there and the fact that, at a push of a button, someone comes to your beckoning call to help or serve you depending on your need. I love hospitals because it is a place where everyone goes to better themselves (99% of the time). Whether they are a patient, doctor, nurse, security guard, janitor, etc. you are either their to better yourself or someone else’s life. Secondly, just about everyone is wearing the exact same clothes. Most doctors have on coats, nurses have scrubs, patients are usually in gowns. Most patients look the same, usually gowns, no make up, men have scruffy faces, women’s hair is usually pulled back, and everyone smells like a sanitized hospital-at least once you have been there for a while. The point is, is that we are all the same. Most everyone has bare faces, bare backs (those gowns don’t cover much), smell like a hospital, and have no means to judge one another as we all appear to be the same. There is nothing to do but to wish or pray for each other the best. It is a place we can all be ourselves and look our worst and no one, not even ourselves, even care.




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