GoFundMe: The Journey of 1,000 Miles


The link above is for you to read my story. I’m hoping someone out there reading this can help me along on my journey. Thank you for taking the time to read my short story above. Please share this page or share my donations page.

Pilgrim On The Run


4 Comments on “GoFundMe: The Journey of 1,000 Miles

  1. Hi Candace!
    I have just started following your blog and have also “seen” your comments on the Camino forum. I truly believe that where there is, there will be a Way!
    I went on the site to donate but am nervous leaving my credit card details on a site and therefore aborted. I would still donate if you were linked to paypal as I have an account with them.
    A bit about myself- I am a nearly 49yr old mum and nurse in Australia who is also planning on walking the Camino Frances in May/June 2014. I will be walking with my best friend who lives in Tasmania- I live in Queensland. My husband and her fiance will meet us after our walk as we are also planning a European vacation after this which involves a wedding and a 50th birthday!
    I look forward to following your blog as you prepare AND complete your camino.
    All the very best,

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