“Have You Written Your Bucket List?” Part 2: Why You Should

Many people are actually afraid to make a bucket list. They are superstitious about creating one. The idea being that if you make a (kick the) bucket list, and then you finish it, then you may die. I, however, have a different take on bucket lists.  I can see where one may be a little hesitant because bucket list comes from the phrase “kick the bucket”, meaning to die. However, here is another way to go about your bucket list.

The idea of a bucket list is to make a list of everything you want to do before you die. It should be a list to help you live. Life is about tasting every moment and cherishing every breath you have. There are so many beautiful places to see in the world. Places you probably don’t even know exist. There are many places that have no idea that you exist. Let them know your alive. Let them know that you exist. I know many countries read this blog every day, but my fellow Americans, we are the worst. We are so wrapped up in our technology, most of us drive our cars around everywhere, and we are so effing demanding. You can’t deny it. I can’t point my finger at everyone because it isn’t everyone and I know I am guilty too. Get on a plane and go to Europe. Once you board the plane pretend you don’t even have a phone, computer, or pager. Only use it if absolutely necessary, such as reservations or emergencies. Walk around everywhere you go. Appreciate the legs you have. The legs many wish they still had.

Now, will you die after you complete a bucket list? After you have decided to create your bucket list, you think about finishing it. Then what? That is just it. A bucket list is not supposed to be finished! It is to forever be added on to. If you have nothing to add that means you are through dreaming and we should never just be done. It is not your body that dies, but your soul. Our souls live off of happiness and self fulfillment. Writing a bucket list will help you find your purpose if you haven’t already. The more you add, the more you open up. You open up to yourself and the world around you.

“I don’t have the money or time.” Well, who does? Sure some people have things handed to them. Some people win the lottery. Some people had parents who traveled a lot. Then, there are those who just grew up “regular” and have to work for everything always. There are always bills. Your kids need diapers. You have to buy food. You can’t get off of work. That is the test of life itself. Life is a test. It is testing you to see if you can see what is the most important. You have a dilemma. You have been at your job 5 years, it is really good. You also have the chance to take a 2 week trip across the world. Your job says they will fire you if you are gone more than a week. What would I do? LEAVE. There will always be another job waiting for you somewhere in the world, but the world is forever changing. By the time you wait to retire or save up that vacation, that island could have gone under water already.

Our lives are full of how to’s. We focus on how to make more money. How do we have a better life? We forget to focus on the why of our lives. Why are we working so hard to earn money? I will tell you the number one lesson I have gotten from my list. I have been able to relax and feel that everything happens for a reason. For example, a washing machine ate my 4 quarters. I got mad at first and then I thought: Wherever those 4 quarters are gonna end up, that person must have needed them more than me. Another time I just felt like giving out good karma. I left 4 quarters on a washing machine right before they came back in to transfer their clothes to the dryer.

My point is, write a bucket list to shove yourself to live. Call it whatever you want. Call it a to-do list, things to do, goals, 30 things before 30, and I have even seen a f*ck it list. Just remember that once you stop dreaming, wishing, hoping, it is only your soul that dies. A bucket list is like a law of attraction. If you let your dreams be known and public, then others will be able to help you fulfill your dreams. There are many people who have connections who would love to help you just because you are a dreamer and they believe people should live their dreams. It can also help your legacy. Have you ever though about what you would be known for when you go? I’d like to be known for living my every dream or at least attempting to. I want everyone to know that anything is possible because anything is possible.

So, get out there and get to writing. You can make it public, like I do. You can make it private and just keep it in your firebox. It is solely to make you happy and not anyone else. There are many websites that have 1,000’s of things you can gander through and add to your list if you please. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your life just look around or search the internet and see what speaks to you. If it doesn’t speak to you, if it doesn’t keep you up at night because your dreams are too loud, then don’t waste your time. Your time is precious. Never waste a minute doing something you don’t want to do, even if it’s your job or your marriage. I interviewed my toddler today and one question was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and his reply was…”be happy.” My toddler realizes what is most important, have you?

{Pilgrim On The Run}


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