A Catch Up!

Hello my lovely WordPress followers, Facebook followers, Camino de Santiago followers, and browsers! Sorry to have been getting behind. I’m on a break from classes. My boys were very, very sick for 24 hours. Now, I have the same thing. A friend and co-worker of my husband’s, passed away yesterday morning after him and the driver got hit head on by a drunk driver. It has been a rough week for us all! My birthday party is coming up on Saturday and my birthday is on Sunday! Well, that about sums it up. I’m off to get some rest and then rest a little more. Hopefully, my little bug will be gone by when I wake up in the morning! Fingers crossed! Everyone have a great Friday!

{Pilgrim On The Run}


2 Comments on “A Catch Up!

  1. Hi Candace, I’m really impressed with your resilience, plans and perseverance! I wish I could donate to your Camino, but I’m in the midst of my own campaign.. so I will send you my very best wishes and hope that we can share some of our experiences later on. Best of luck!

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