Bucket List #105

Throw A Legit Surprise Party

So, what happened was…our friend, “J” was having her baby shower on Sunday. One of us, “A”, got lost and the other (me) had other issues and so neither of us ended up going. We promised we would be there and we weren’t. That night, “A” called me and said, “We should throw her a mini baby shower for not going!” Why not?! We began planning. “J”s baby shower was an hour away so she was still out of town. We left at 12:30 and went to, probably, 5 different stores to get all of her stuff. We got a gift bag of hospital things for her, a banner, streamers, balloons, a cake, table cloth, plates, etc. all for only around $30 (we spent about $15 each). We felt so awesome for being so frugal! 🙂 Any way, we scheduled to pick up the leopard balloons at 5:30. The whole “party” was ready except for the cake and to pick up the balloons. Well, she comes back into town sooner than we thought, around 5. Well shoot. She saw us leaving to pick up the balloons and so we had to come up with a story. Her first comment was “I’m mad at you!” (jokingly of course) I knew she had to be pissed though. We were thinking, you won’t be mad for loooong! Our story was, “We wanted to surprise you with dinner but we forgot some ingredients. We’ll come get you in a little bit (we all live in the same complex). It’s a surprise what we are making.” She said okay and just get her when we were done. That bought us some time. We got the balloons and then realized if she was still outside then she would see us walking up. We parked at the building behind mine and walked up the back way to my apartment. We were going to great lengths to surprise her! I frosted the cake really quick (we also made our own sprinkles). We finally got her over to my house and she was not expecting a “Regret It Party”. We felt so bad for not going so we had our own little baby shower. It was fun and we had so much fun planning it! (:

Diaper cake made by "A".

Diaper cake made by “A”.

Our theme was animal print!

Our theme was animal print!

"A" on the left and "J" on the right.

“A” on the left and “J” on the right.

The zebra cake I made!

The zebra cake I made!


{Pilgrim On The Run}


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