Bucket List #88: Skydive!

This past Sunday I was able to cross off #88 on my bucket list, skydiving! We stayed up practically all night long. I got an hour and a half of sleep and my husband said he only got about 30 minutes. Our kids didn’t get much more than that either. We woke up bright and early at 5am and got dressed and were out the door by 6:15am. Picked up my mom and brother and were on the road by 6:40am-ish. We decided to take the toll road so rather than almost 2 hours, it took only 1 hour and 20/30 minutes to get to San Marcos, Texas. This is where I would skydive, with Skydive San Marcos (contact information below). I wasn’t nervous at all, only really anxious. That was, until we began take-off. I thought I was going to hurl. They even had the door open for a good bit of the beginning. It wasn’t like I was just going to fall out, but it sure felt like it lol. The higher we got above the clouds, the calmer I got…until they opened the door again. Haha…first words out of my mouth were “Holy shit.” In my head I was thinking, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” We jumped, or rather, we flew. The first 5 seconds, I screamed like I was on a roller coaster. Then, you realize you’re still falling. It is a surreal experience. To fall through the clouds is an experience in itself. You know in the movies with heaven scenes, where it looks as if heaven is just sitting on top of these white puffy clouds? Usually, with Whoopi Goldberg or Morgan Freeman hanging out up there, playing a Godly part?…that’s what it looked like up there, except it must have been Morgan Freeman’s day off because he wasn’t there. You can feel your lungs fill with the moist air as you politely pass through the clouds, it’s almost as if you could just grab a cloud, but in seconds they are far above you. Before you know it, you are on the ground again. (Pictures and Video to be uploaded later!)

        When you arrive, where to go and what to do are not very hard to figure out. The environment is very friendly and spirited. You can tell that everyone has their own personalities and that was my favorite part, it was so diverse. It is a mixture of different people but you can tell that they all have the same love. I loved the atmosphere and the people because they all seemed so happy to be there, to get the day started, and were happy to be making my dreams come true. I was hooked up to Hank and he was my tandem instructor. Hank was a great instructor to be with and was good at keeping me relaxed. I can’t say enough good things about him. DC was my camera man and he was very light and fun. My favorite part of the people and business is that the staff seemed excited, anxious, happy, and inspired go-getters. Hank gave me a little envelope at the end along with my certificate and a few other things and said, “…if you think we’re tip worthy…”. That moment I realized I hadn’t thought about tipping. Sadly, I wasn’t able to leave a tip. I will be back though. Hopefully, I will jump with my husband next time! When I come back, I will be ready to tip with twice the tip because my experience was wonderful and “tip worthy”! When they said it is addicting, they meant it. Skydive San Marcos is also the most reasonably priced/affordable that I have found in Texas and I recommend them 100%.

Thank you SSM!

Skydive San Marcos Facebook

Skydive San Marcos Website

Phone: (512) 488-2214

Address: 517 Airpark Road, Hwy 80 South, Fentress, Texas 78622

{Pilgrim On The Run}


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