Well, the title explains my day. When I woke up this morning I knew I needed to go to a friend’s house and help her with some of her online school assignments at 11:30am. I thought my husband was going leaving for work at 1:45pm but today he needed to leave at 11:45-12:00pm. Great. I wake up at 11:30am and he is about to leave. I tell him that I have to take the car today. So, we basically get out of bed and walk to the car-as is. We drop him off at work and stop at my friends house. Then, I realize I forgot to get money from my husband to buy diapers. He’s not answering the phone because he puts it on airplane mode while he is at work. Great. I call my mom and she says I have to be there in the next hour to borrow money for diapers since I can’t get a hold of my husband and baby is wearing his last one. I help my friend and then run over to my mom’s house. Then, we jump out at HEB to get diapers and a few other things around 3:30. We get to go home, finally. I pop a pizza in the oven and me and the kids lay in bed until 5pm. By 5:30 I have to get the kids from daycare that I babysit a few times a month. We get home by 6:00, unload, eat, and now everyone is playing. During all of this and while being on a schedule today, we had a dirty diaper once before we left, getting into the car again I got thrown up on-then he threw up in the car too. Then, another dirty diaper. Next, I almost got hit by someone crossing through the parking lot because she couldn’t see me…like you are not supposed to do and that is why I don’t do that. Then, I almost hit the car parked in front of me because my car is in reverse but decides to go forward instead. I could use a margarita…or 9…


{Pilgrim On The Run}


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