Before Learning of The Camino

Before I had heard about the Camino, everything in life was just “whatever”. Now, I feel like everything in life has a purpose. Example, once, the washer ate my 4 quarters. They were 4 quarters I didn’t even have to spend. But hey, I gotta have clean underwear! I was mad at first and then realized, maybe someone else in the world (wherever those quarters end up) needed those quarters more than me. Another time, I had this feeling I needed to just leave 4 quarters (the price to wash or dry). So, on top of someone’s running washer I left a stack of quarters and left. There are other times when people ask for something, like a ride to the store. I would say no, because I really did not have the gas to take them if it wasn’t already on my way. Then, I feel guilty. It is as if someone is telling my conscience, “Help them and I will reimburse you for your good deed.” So, I help them. Things have been coming to me more, if you understand, since I have opened my mind. When one job opportunity closed, two more presented themselves. I don’t practice religion, but I believe. Believing is what life is all about. I believe that a higher power will get me to where I want to be, the Camino. However, there will be obstacles in the way (guaranteed) and that is only to be given a greater reward of the Camino. I must show that I am able to face those obstacles head on to embrace my future journey, the Camino and life. It is a test of “How bad do you want it?” and can you “Go with the flow”? Even if you just read about the Camino, you will feel like your soul is being spoken to and your mind will open up. A friend of mine watched the movie “The Way” and said they were already ready to pack their bags. lol. I haven’t even left yet and it’s already changing my life.



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