Hiding Our Property: Eviction

November 1st, my husband didn’t get his BAH from the military. That alone screwed us up with all of our bills and we were just going to pay the rent in two parts as we have done before. They came knocking on our door after the 3 day grace period and asked about the rent. Might I add that they knock on the door like police with a cause to enter and start unlocking our door after the first knock, umm no. That alone pisses you off. They asked and I said, “we can pay half this week and the other half next week” and she said, “No…no, we can’t do that.” Of course, they would always take money but it wouldn’t count, really. She said they would file for eviction on the 12th. Everyday you are late it is an additional $10 and that’s after the initial $75 late fee. Our base rent when we moved in 13 months prior was $615, by the time we could pay off all of the money our rent would have been $1600 that month. What was the point of paying almost 3x our rent when we hated being there anyway? Since they wouldn’t work with us, we decided to find elsewhere to live. There lies the problem. While living at these apartments, our previous apartments in another state decided to tack on some fees we never knew we owed  on to our credit report. Any who, since we owed some money for painting fees no one single place would rent to us. After the 12th, we would be homeless. My husband’s dad said we could live with him but then his grandma needed to move in instead the day before we were supposed to move in, understandably. He was our last hope. What were we going to do? I dropped my husband off at work that day and the second he shut the door I just started bawling. I cried all the way home. That moment when reality smacked me in the face. I was actually trying to find places to hide our big-ticket items and everything important that we could never replace so that no one could take it from us. My kids are confused because they don’t know what’s going on or why everyone is so strung out. We told everyone we could pay them rent, we could buy our own food, we just needed somewhere to shower and sleep. Nobody had space or time. We were a burden. It wasn’t anyone else’s problem, but it’s the fact everyone expects us to jump through hoops for them but the day before we would have to go to a homeless shelter, they couldn’t help us out. The most insulting thing anyone said to me during that time, while asking for help, was “You should have seen this coming.” Slap in the face. This was the lowest point in my life. I have never felt so empty, so helpless, and such a burden to everyone in our lives. M husband’s mom called and said we could stay in her living room. It wasn’t much, it wasn’t that big, but it was a place to sleep and shower. We are so grateful. She even already had her mother-in-law living with her and still let us stay there. We later found a “no questions asked” house for rent and were able to move into it fairly quickly. I feel like we have officially endured a little bit of everything life will ever have to throw at us.


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