I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I know I have been missing since, umm,  November?! So much has been going on and life has been happening all too sudden and like a slap in the face. We have been through eviction (which I will write a post on by itself), we lived in my mother-in-laws living room for a week or two,  my brother’s bestest friend in the whole world died (she was 19), my husband’s grandmother died, I had the flu for almost 2 weeks, both of my boys now have the flu, the youngest has Impetigo that we are fighting to get rid of now, and everything in between. My trip this March just wasn’t panning out the way it should be, smoothly. It’s said that what doesn’t just happen, probably shouldn’t happen. So, I was looking to push it forward because I will be going one way or another. Once I thought about pushing it forward we found out that I am pregnant, 9 weeks today, so it was a good idea it seems. That is why I ended up not going bungee jumping in December like I had planned. It has made me so tired that I literally can not stay awake for more than 4 hours a day and I am nauseous like no other. So, I am still going, just pushing forward a year. People thought I was crazy for going when I had 2 kids, I can only imagine the speeches that I will get now. That is something not may can understand and that is okay. I know that my children will be safe and taken care of and that is what matters. Having dreams and holding them in is an awful burden to ask of someone. You can not make someone any unhappier than in that moment you ask that of someone you love. The extra time will allow me to prepare a little better and save more. I will just have to dream about it a little longer. It just eats at my heart because I was ready to walk out the door and leave a year ago when I started planning, but it will be worth the wait. While I am not allowed to jump off buildings or hike mountains, I will work on the little things on my bucket list and plan for the bigger ones that I can accomplish in 7 months and on! So please continue to follow my journey through life and as I work through my bucket list. For those who have donated to my journey, know that the money is in savings and will remain there until I leave! Thank you all who have been following, stopping by, leaving comments, and liking my page! All of your presence is appreciated!


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