Parenting Confession

My Children,

I always eat the pretty grapes because I know you don’t know the difference between the ugly and pretty. They all look the same to you. They aren’t bad. They just might have a dimple from the stem and I just can’t bring myself to eat it. It makes me gag and I know you don’t mind. Does this make me fruit shallow? I hope they always look the same to you, they have the same quality, the same potential, they just might have a different “taste” sometimes. This is how you should always look at everyone that comes into your life and that you cross on the street. They are all the same, they all have the same potential, they are all of the same quality, they just “taste” different (i.e.: they all will have different personalities and you won’t like all of them). Some will have wrinkly spots, some will have dimples, some will be white grapes, some will be red, some will even be brown, some are tiny and some are very large. It’s just because they were grown different and from all around the world. Just know that one way or another they will be eaten, thrown away, or sometimes stepped on. That means enjoy them while they last because they soon will all be gone. Enjoy your grapes and enjoy your people, nothing lasts forever.


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