The Postal Worker

Today we went to a Mexican restaurant and didn’t have a whole lot of money, but we needed a little something. So we are sitting there eating, the 4 of us, and this man starts walking towards us. He leans in and says, “Don’t ask me why, but I just paid for your bill.” Then, he dashed out the door and drove off in his work vehicle. He was a mail man. I still picture him walking out the door, like in slow motion. We were just stunned. It’s like I am dumbfounded because it’s not something you see much of. My husband barely got out a thank you before he darted off…so I just want say…

Thank you postal worker, whoever you are. What you didn’t know was we only had $20. It was the only grocery money we had but we were so hungry we wanted to grab a couple $1.69 tacos …and free chips and salsa with free water. Since you paid our bill, all of our money went to food. Thank you!


One Comment on “The Postal Worker

  1. It’s so sad that we’re surprised by kindness and spreading the gospel through our works. Yet we are often in awe when we witness or benefit from these wonderful random acts. I pray that I’ll always strive to be that guy, but too often I’m in my own world, running to catch the metaphorical train. Sigh. Much love.

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