The Man Who Loved Me Back Together

 Where do I begin? I knew from the moment you sat outside the office door, on a step ladder, that you would somehow be more than an employee. It was never intentional, but after hours and hours of innocent sharing and comparing our lives, we realized we were the same people and that we wanted the same things in life. You brought a joy into my life that I’ve never known or have ever felt with anyone. My children accepted you the moment they met you, with no questions asked. All Hayleigh could say was “happy, happy” after she spent time with you. My son began to look happy in pictures again. I have had so much fun with you already, it feels like a life time of memories, but it’s only been about 10 months. We got lost in down town Austin at 9 o’clock at night and I was so stressed out my neck was tense and we just wanted to escape the maze! Every time we got hungry we just typed in a restaurant and chose a different town every time. We spent endless hours on the highway and in different towns just because we missed each other. We got stuck in traffic for hours, but I wouldn’t have wanted to get “lost” with anyone but you. Every time we came upon an exit, we got “lost” until we saw another on ramp and kept re-merging just because we could, even though we were even further back in traffic than before. We laughed so much on the way back into town that I could barely see to drive because I was crying so much from saying “weeeee” down the highway. I love every time we sit on the kitchen floor at 2am after all the kids are asleep, eating a bowl of cereal, and laughing the milk out because…well who knows what we are laughing at. I love when you sit in the bathroom with me and tell me about your day while I take a bath. No man, and not even my momma in all her years of motherhood, has ever cleaned up as much vomit as you have in a 5 month period during all of my awful, awful morning sickness. This may be a bit much to share, but I hope everyone at some point is loved the way he’s loved me so far…he’s used a plunger to unclog my roadhouse out of the sink, cleaned out the puke in the bathtub and scrubbed it out of the carpet…endless times. There was a time my son threw up on the floor and I tried to clean it up and instead his throw up made me hurl right next to him, Michael cleaned up both. He went to 7-11 at 2am for slurpees I was craving and got odds and ins. He’s walked to Bush’s Chicken for enough food for 5+ people with tea included, which is over a mile, because my kids wanted chicken and we didn’t have a car….Michael, I want you to never under-rate yourself. You’ve taken on a challenge and a blessing that many men would never imagine even trying. You have brought more happiness, a different kind, into our lives that we’ve never known. It’s a pure joy that makes your cheeks hurt, your eyes water, and makes us “ugly laugh” and cackle. You make me feel beautiful, no matter what I look like. Every single time you look at me, it’s like the first time, like you just fall in love me over and over again. You’ve already spent the night in the hospital with me for days. The next hospital admission you took care of my children alone, for days…and you never complained. You’ll never know how much that’s worth, please never underestimate your value, because every moment, every laugh, every glance into your smiling blue eyes, and every day in the future spent with you, is priceless. No matter what the future holds for us, everyday spent with you is unforgettable. Forever, Forever. 


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