A Year Ago Today: It’s Been A Year of Loving You

It’s been a year since we decided that we were all we both needed. Being with you feels so natural and has since I realized I fell in love with you. Do you remember? It was that time I decided to take a nap so I didn’t have to reply immediately when you asked if I loved you. I was afraid you may not be where I was, but then I woke up to a sad face. Your sad emoji made me so happy because that answered my question of if you loved me. It just feels as if it should have always been this way.
It’s been 8,670 hours since I fell in love with every crinkle on your face when you laugh. 

It’s been 52 weeks since I fell in love with those glossy, twinkling eyes you give me, along with that sweet and sleepy smile, every time I catch a glimpse of you looking at me across the kitchen at work. 

It’s been 365 days since you gave me what I’ve been missing my whole life. Something I never even knew or thought could have been missing until you whirled into my life like a ton of glorious bricks. You gifted me laughter in my life. Laughter that lifts my spirit and feeds my soul. You’ve given me happiness that I can feel to my core. 
It’s been 525,600 minutes since you began to strengthen my children’s lives and almost a year since we decided to have one of our own. 
It’s been a single revolution around the sun since every day has become longer for all the days you aren’t with me. It’s also been a year since I wanted every moment to freeze in time for all the days you are with me. 
It’s been a hilarious year of us always simultaneously saying the same thing or completing the same action, at least once a day. Every time it still amazes us because what are the odds that we both sing Sugar in our lowest voice possible at the exact same time and start on the same random note. Every time is like the first time and we still cackle and say “what are the odds…” Then, go tell Shelby later because it was so funny. 
I love that your eyes smile even when your mouth doesn’t. I love that I catch you staring at me while I’m driving and singing. I’ll always giggle and say “what?” and then you’ll sweetly sigh while tilting your head and say “nothin'”. I love every way that you love me and for every way you find new ways to love me. For every smile you put on my children’s faces is one more moment of their life where I know I have done the best thing possible for them. 

Over the last year, we have not only accomplished and felt the above, but we’ve roasted marshmallows in the bedroom over votive candles on a box. We have (I have) set an Olaf made from a potato on fire because I turned the wrong burner on. You’ve locked the keys in the car, ran to the house to get extras, only to find out the car doors were unlocked. We have accidentally created mustard gas in the apartment. I got drunk in Austin and peed on my phone. I’ve sat in the bathtub 9 months pregnant while you sat in a fold out chair next to me and we talked about our day. You spent days on a hospital couch pulled up next to my hospital bed (because I said I missed you next to me) because I had an infection. We hiked up enchanted rock when I was 2 weeks postpartum and you’ve never been more encouraging as we were higher than the birds could soar. We made a beautiful little girl to add to our party of five. It’s been a year since I started loving someone in a way I never knew was possible. Most importantly and more than anything, over the last year, I have fallen in love with you more and more with each day that passes. We are anything but ordinary together. We are the perfect mixture of weird, wit, sarcasm, crazy, funny, and did I say wit? ’cause we have a lot. We suite each other so perfectly and every day I thank the Lord above that we share this love. We’ve come a long way from where we began and you’ve made this journey an adventure of a lifetime. Every day spent with you is my favorite day, every day is better than the last, and everyday of you loving me is one of the greatest days of my life. 

Remember, I’ll love you until your 70. 


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