Candace {aka: Pilgrim On The Run}


Hello! My name is Candace and this is a blog about daily life and a bucket list. You can read my bucket list here or by clicking ‘The Bucket List’ in the menu, as well.

This page is currently being updated! (:



11 Comments on “Candace {aka: Pilgrim On The Run}

    • Thank you! I am 100% out of shape at the moment so I know I have a long way to go to get in shape, not to mention walk 800km. I wish I could just walk out the door and begin my camino now! I’m super excited! I hope you’re enjoying your camino! (:

  1. Hey, don’t worry about being in shape. I had no prior training to my Camino in 2011 (I was 21 too), I was actually in the worst condition of my life at that time, I wasn’t eating, sleeping or exercising due to depression. That is the reason why I chose to do the Camino. It was something that was totally out of my comfort zone and it forced me to change my lifestyle, which in turn helped me to deal with my problems.

    The only advice I can give you is that when you start to walk, do not stop until you are finished! I had tendonitis in my right foot from my second week in, the doctor told me to have a weeks rest at least, I took a long breakfast and carried on, limping for the first hour each day until my foot relaxed enough for the pain to ease. It was very painful, but I knew if I failed I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself, so it was always mind over matter for me.

    Oh, and for me I pretty much did “just walk out the door and start my camino”. I heard about it in April 2011, started on 18th May 2011. Finisterre and Muxia are beautiful, you must walk there! It took me 40 walking days to complete it all (that is with 7 of those days being the round trip from Muxia/Finisterre/Santiago).

    Buen Camino!

  2. Hello Candace, I’m in awe of and inspired by your resolve and determination; not only to walk the Camino but to live your dreams. And I won’t be first to state this.. at such a young age. I too am planning to walk the Camino, in fact this coming September; it’s been a long time coming…Blessings to you as you follow this path!

  3. Hi Candace! Fabulous to see you are planning to the Camino de Santiago walk. It is definitely on our to-do list too one day. Happy training and look forward to following your every step!

  4. Just remember, suffering is optional. Pain, you will have, especially if you are not training for the Camino or if your pack weighs more than 12 lbs. And contrary to what others have said, if your body (or a doctor) is telling you to stop, then stop. Even if just for a day. Listening to your body is very important on the Camino. On my first Camino I had to slow down due to plantar fasciitis and tendonitis in my foot and lost my Camino family in the process. It was the hardest thing I had to do, but once I listened to my body and walked at a pace that was slower, I enjoyed myself more…and I met new people…and my feet felt better (they weren’t 100% until a month after I stopped walking). So, where are you planning to start? Arles or Le Puy?

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